Run-In and Horse Barn Installations, Chicken Coops, too

Horse Barn

2 Bay Horse Run-In delivered FREE to Williamstown, MA

Southern yellow Pine board and batten 20' x 20' Run-In with two bays, am oak kick wall, and porch run in on the front so there's plenty of room for everyone even if there is a bully horse/donkey/cow/ect, in the bunch.


Run-In Shed and Horse Barn Installations

Shed Man is the area’s premier horse barn and run-in shed installer. We make finding the right free-standing building for your horses easy. Browse our gallery of run-in shed and horse barn installations and note the features you like best. Shed Man offers free delivery of all horse barns and run-in sheds up to 50 miles away.

Browse our in-stock inventory of horse barns and run in sheds.

Chicken Coop Installations

Shed Man offers quality backyard chicken coops delivered right to your door. Chicken coop installations can be less complicated than horse barn installations, but it’s still good to have experienced staff to deliver and set up your new hen house.

Shed Man makes deliveries throughout the northeast. Our experienced staff has built a good reputation for providing reliable service. Our state-of-the-art equipment makes installation safe and efficient. As a result, we have happy customers throughout Columbia County, Berkshire County, Rensselaer County, and beyond.

Browse our in-stock inventory of chicken coops.

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