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Professional Site Work Adds Beauty and Longevity

Before your new shed can be set into place, the site needs to be level and stable. If the site you’ve chosen isn’t, consider hiring our site work professionals to prepare a good, solid surface. Proper site preparation is a good investment because it results in less maintenance, better functioning doors and windows, and a better appearance.

About Our Shed Base

Our sheds are built on 4″ x 4″ pressure treated skids and will withstand many years of ground contact, however we recommended a 4-6″ gravel base. This gravel base will help assist drainage around the site to give your shed an extended life.

We strongly recommend professional site preparation to prevent:

Water Damage

To allow for proper water drainage, sheds, gazebos, garages and other outdoor buildings should sit slightly off the ground. This will minimize moisture being transferred from the ground to the structure. If you hire us for site work, our professional team will build a pad that is 12″ wider than the structure. This will allow water to drain into the pad, rather than splashing the side of the shed and kicking up mud.

Structural Damage

A professional foundation helps prevent floors and roofs from sagging or warping. Sagging can affect how doors and windows work.

Rodent Control

A foundation will discourage rodents from digging away the ground under the shed, and from chewing through your building’s floor. Crushed stone is the minimum, concrete slab is ideal.

Is It Okay To Set the Shed on Cinder Blocks?

We do not recommend setting any outdoor buildings on cider blocks. Doing this greatly increases the risk that your shed will settle unevenly. This will quickly negatively affect the usability of doors and windows.

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